GHOSTWRITING - to 400pgs

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GHOSTWRITING - to 400pgs

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30-Minute Initial Consultation

The Ghost Writing project will, generally, take from six (6) to nine (9) months to complete, depending upon subject matter, client consultations, the expedient review and return of edits, and efficient and timely submission of additional materials, as provided by client.

The fee for a manuscript of up to four hundred pages (400) is $55,000, in three equal installments.

The ghost writing will be done by a former developmental editor, columnist, and published author, who ran a small publishing house, as publisher/CEO, for seven years and who worked, as publisher, with bestselling authors Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey, to name a few.

Ghost Writing Services - Segment Outline

Segment One

  • Contract Signing

  • In depth strategy session (over the course of several days)

  • Outline/Character/Topic - Sign Off

  • First Draft Submitted for Review

Segment Two

  • First Draft Revision and Notes

  • Story/Character  Clarification

  • Addendum of Additional Materials to First Draft by Client

Segment Three

  • Final Draft Review and Notes

  • Final Draft resubmission and sign-off