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The LIFECYCLE BOOK service assists a writer, who has a rough draft or a writer 'curating' a manuscript from a great source of content (bloggers, scientists, business professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.), to turn this product into a finished, professionally edited and designed manuscript, with a public relations campaign that has launched months before the book's actual debut. 


Developmental Edit: Represents help with the curation of content or the structuring of an existing manuscript, via the building of themes or the organization of content into a manuscript, that holds market potential in its given genre.

Editing: The traditional editing of content necessary to bring a professionally written book to the market.

Design: The design of a book's interior pages, from front matter to back matter, and the book's cover. If your manuscript is over 350 pages in a 6"x9" format, please inquire for pricing.

Public Relations: The Public Relations aspect provides for up to three distinct press releases for national submission, as well as submission to relevant, review-based journals, and to local media (TV, radio, internet-based). The Public Relations segment of the LIFECYCLE BOOK service will encompass:

  • Press Release Creation

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Media Relations

  • Consumer and trade reviews