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Public Relations Services

WSDG's Public Relations Services provide for up to two distinct press releases for national submission, as well as submission to relevant, review-based journals, and to local media (TV, radio, internet-based) as well.

The Public Relations segment of our marketing services will encompass:

  • Press Release Creation

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Media Relations

  • Consumer and trade reviews

  • Outreach to influencers and partners

  • Book endorsement outreach

The campaign will commence from the first date of payment and will continue for a three month period. 

There are no guarantees that a review will be published, nor sales made, but the client will be apprised of all efforts made on its behalf via BCC emails, reviewer lists, any mailings or shipments of review books made (books provided by client).

The Client will be responsible for providing and shipping all books designated for review. The number of books sent for review will not exceed 50 books.