Please contact us for a free 20 minute Consultation



Please contact us for a free 20 minute Consultation


Our purpose is to create compelling, award-winning designs, whether book or website, that are meaningful to our clients and, subsequently, to their respective client communities. Further, it is our goal to help authors and aspiring authors to bring their work(s) or ideas, whether self-published or via an established publisher, to the world.

And should you be a novice in search of beginning-to-end-guidance with your new project, please do contact us.

We design book covers of all kinds or, more precisely, we design books from front cover to back cover, regardless of style—hardcover, softcover. And we've been engaged with graphic design, book design, and website design for over twenty years. This has provided us with an understanding and an appreciation for the nuances, efficiencies, and market pragmatics of bringing a well-designed, well-edited book to both buyers and consumers.

And while it is quite true, that one cannot judge a book's overall literary value or content by it's book cover design, a poor book cover design may, indeed, quickly end a book's financial prospects, prior to a single page being read. 

W.S.D.G. does not only act as book cover designers, we can also provide coaching, consulting, and publishing services, all rolled in to your book design project, regardless of the level of service selected—simple or complex. Or we can simply advise you via our consultation services. Let us help you, it's what we do and we've become quite good. Please see our book cover portfolio here—Portfolio Book Cover Designs

As briefly mentioned above, we also design award-winning websites for clients whose offerings range from books to audio equipment to distribution to consulting services to publishing. Please take a look at just a few of our most recent websites here—websites.

Book Cover Design - The Last Exotic Petting Zoo

We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Please do contact us for an estimate on both timing and cost on your project. Timing being an important aspect, as we are generally involved in multiple projects.

If you’re looking to bring a completed manuscript to market, in its best possible form, we can help. Whether your manuscript requires a final edit, a developmental edit, to solidify the story’s arc or your characters’ voices, and, subsequently, a publicity campaign to help place your book on the ‘literary map,’ then review our LifeCycle Book service.

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Or, perhaps, you have an idea or the beginnings of a manuscript and you seek help to bring your story to fruition and subsequently to online readers and/or store shelves. We can help here as well. Please review our  Ghost Writing services on how we can best be of service. 

We can also help with your Book Proposal. Whether it is a review of an existing proposal or the complete development of a proposal for submission to an agent or publisher’s hand, please let us help.




If you want your project done swiftly, accurately, and beautifully Kermit Heartsong is the one to make that happen. From the design and layout through production, Kermit was the only person who understood the visual concept both inside and out. Beyond producing two beautiful coffee table books (Books I, II), Kermit wrote the press release, acquired several wonderful reviews, and designed an elegant website for Frescoes by the Bay: Book I and Book II ( Kermit even personally presented the book to one of the premier publishing houses in the San Francisco Bay Area. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
—Karen Norton-Sinell, Author, Frescoes by the Bay Book I and Book II, Award-Winning Photojournalist

“Response to our book, "The Stations of the Cosmic Christ", has included phrases such as “exquisite,” “beautiful,” “stunning,” “amazing.”  The layout too is of prime quality.  I waited years for the right designer and I was blessed to find a design house, that cared deeply for the quality of presentation.”
—Matthew Fox, Multiple, Bestselling Author, Anglican Priest, Educator

Recently, I was sent a handsome new American anthology of spiritual and visionary poetry called Diamond Cutters (edited by poets Andrew Harvey and Jay Ramsay) and sat happily with the book, feeling thoroughly uplifted as I read beautiful words.
—Bel Mooney columnist for the Daily Mail, English journalist, and broadcaster

The design of Extinction Dialogs is beautifully apocalyptic. I could not have asked for more suitable cover art or a better overall design.
—Guy McPherson, Ph.D, author Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind

W.S.D.G.’s book design is marvelous. I couldn't be more pleased. There have been many positive comments about my mother's picture and also the intricatey done background, with actual newspapers from the era on the subject of runaways. No matter how often or long one looks at the cover design, there is always more to see. It is probably the most meaningful cover I have ever seen.
—Mary Anderson Parks, author Flight to Ohio: From Slavery to Passing to Freedom

W.S.D.G.’s attention to detail was truly astounding, as the book’s design captured the look and feel of what I had envisioned, from the selected images to the choice of font to the full design layout. I’ve contracted W.S.D.G to design the next two books in the Prayers series. To say that I’m grateful would be an understatement.
—Lisa Colarusso, author Prayers for Life, Love, Happiness, and the Times In-Between

ORYGUN has a design that takes the book browsing experience even farther. Featuring a creamy, matte paper that’s irresistible, it offers the added pleasure of touch alongside aesthetics. When readers experience a book, they do so in totality. However, it’s incredible book cover designs that readers experience first. Orygun and The Last Exotic Petting Zoo are examples of book covers as art and marketing tool.
—Jessica Tyner Metha, author & poet ORYGUN, The Last Exotic Petting Zoo

W.S.D.G.‘s design for Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New is excellent.  Many who have seen it have commented on the overall attractiveness of this book’s appearance.  I was very pleased with the final result, which did credit to the contents of this volume.
—Dorothy Walters, PHD, author

I love W.S.D.G.’s cover design and the beautifully efficient interior layout for my historical document, Cuba: Diary of a Revolution: Conversations with Fidel, Raul, Che and Celia Sanchez.   It really conveys the vitality of my experiences in early sixties Cuba!
—Deena Stryker, author CUBA: Diary of a Revolution: Conversations with Fidel, Raul, Che and Celia Sanchez

W.S.D.G. has produced a dazzling gem in the book Stations of the Cosmic Christ. This book sets the table for readers to experience a deep communion with the Cosmic Christ. Sumptuously designed by W.S.D.G., it is a feast for both eye and spirit—with full-color illustrations throughout.
—Barbara LeVan Fisher, author The Spirit of Hildegard

As an author, writing my manuscript came easy; each muse was consistently inspirational throughout the process. The greatest challenge came after completion: Finding a publisher who would be able to design the perfect cover. The cover design was critically important, yet I had no idea how to approach this challenge. Thankfully, W.S.D.G. took over the process. Not only was the design absolutely perfect, beyond my greatest expectations, the title was changed, and subtext was added that proved W.S.D.G.’s advice was spot on! I couldn’t imagine a better cover image, and for this I am eternally grateful for the insight, advice, and talent of the W.S.D.G. design team. Absolute perfection! 
— Sally Rice, author, The Quarry: When the Monster Lives at Home


We are graphic designers with over 20 plus years of experience designing book covers and their interiors, websites, and all manner of graphic design projects—brochures, corporate ID packages, corporate annual reports —to name a few. And a number of our designs have been award-winning.

Our purpose is to create compelling book cover designs, that are  meaningful to the author/entrepreneur and to their respective audiences. Not, at all, an easy thing to do, but a beautiful challenge to do it!

Please do contact us, that we may help with your book cover design project or your business or personal website!